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Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious part of the mind where changes can be made to your habits and emotions

Now offering face to face Hypnotherapy online

I am now offering Hypnotherapy sessions online in the comfort of your own home, garden or even car. The good news is that research has found that hypnosis sessions done in real-time video conference is just as effective as sessions done in person. It’s as easy as clicking a link and we are immediately connected. All you just need is a computer or phone with headphones and I will do the rest.

Weight Loss

Personalised Weight Loss Sessions that create the mindset to lose weight. Strengthening self-control and addressing triggers that undermine your weight loss.

  • Kick-start your weight loss
  • Reduce portion size
  • Stop craving sugar
  • Increase self-control
  • Positive future image
  • Exercise motivation
  • Stop diet cycle
  • Form new healthy habits
  • Be satisfied with less food
  • Learn to eat consciously
  • Virtual Gastric Band
  • Quit emotional eating

Quit Smoking

Quitting is different for everyone. Individualised sessions are tailored to help you break up with cigarettes easier. You don’t have to do this alone.

  • Increase self-control
  • Lessen withdrawals
  • Reduce Stress
  • Lessen cravings
  • Be free of addiction
  • Make quitting easier
  • Get your subconscious on board
  • Reprogram your habits

Take back your future health while you still can. Save your money and your health.

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Laura Masi

Laura Masi


What People Say About Laura

Weight Loss I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions I had with Laura .. I felt relaxed and calm afterwards and felt an inner resilience against the food wars in my head. My weight has already dropped. It has been a steady loss but most importantly, my cravings for sugar, eating in between meals and triggers for mindless snacking on junk has been addressed and controlled. I now feel I am in control rather than the food and the need to fill up and reward myself with food has gone. I feel more comfortable after meals. I would recommend Laura, absolutely.. Laura’s caring approach allowed me to feel safe and relaxed. We talked about all the areas in which I wanted to see change in my life and I felt like it was a joint effort to achieve this in the sessions.

T.S. Hawthorn

Weight Loss When I met Laura, she made me feel very relaxed and confident in the virtual lap band program.  The guidelines/rules were very easy to follow and allowed me to take ownership of my eating patterns.  The hypnosis was very relaxing and helped with goal setting and visualisations.  I really enjoyed my personalised MP3.  They assisted me to stay on track. Since completing the program so many things have changed for the better.  I now exercise for at least 30 minutes every day and my energy levels have improved.   I am eating less but the quality of the food I’m consuming has improved dramatically.  I am really enjoying the flavour of food as I slowly eat my meals.  I no longer crave high fat and high sugar snacks.  I am very happy that I have lost over 9kg and am continuing to drop weight each week.  I find myself recalling positive messages during the day, which influence my actions in a positive way. I would recommend Laura to anyone who wants to tack control of their weight and deal with issues that have been holding them back.

R.L. Hawthorn East

Weight Loss I lost 9 kilos total and am very pleased with the program and happy with the results. I was scared at first, but felt comfortable with Laura and the atmosphere. I really appreciate her help, it was amazing and I’m still weeks later not thinking about food or feeling hungry. I recommend and thank you Laura.

L. P. Camberwell

Quit Smoking Excellent. Very thorough and caring. I felt supported and appreciated that you considered my individual situation in creating the sessions. Thank you again for your support in quitting. I’m feeling good and resolute in now being a non-smoker, it’s amazing.

K.R. Richmond

Quit Smoking On 25th June 2015 I had a Hypnotherapy session with Laura and since then, I am smoke-free, cravings-free and unless someone talks about cigarettes, I never think about smoking or cigarettes. I have zero desire to smoke. After one session with Laura, it was so easy to be free of smoking. There was nothing that prevented me from smoking, there was nothing to force me to smoke. No cravings, no need to smoke, no desire to smoke. It was up to me if I wanted to smoke or be free from smoking. I was free. Laura, thank you!

D.R Maribyrnong

Quit Smoking “I went into hypnotherapy completely unaware of what to expect. I was sceptical of it’s effectiveness and mocked it openly. After experiencing Laura’s techniques however, my opinion on the matter highly changed. I experienced somethingIi never had before and that was the confidence in my ability to quit. It was unlike any other therapy or method i’ve had to quit. If you’re looking for a way to quit that will actually help you believe in your confidence to quit, I highly suggest it.”

B. P. Fitzroy

Exam Stress I’m really glad that I could do this program with my friend. It was super helpful for ideas on how to stay calm and study for exams. I feel more in control of my stress before exams now. I really liked the relaxation process. I liked the arty side and the interaction. I recommend it to other students. It teaches you good tips.

A. M & R. K Hawthorn

Exam Stress When I first started I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but Laura talked me through everything and tailored sessions to my specific needs. Much like a guided meditation, hypnotherapy has given me a quick way to relax as well as some great tools to handle exam stress when it comes up. This way after seeing Laura a few times I can now handle my stress if and when it comes up in the way that best suits me.

H.E. Kew

Health Issues I went to  CALM CHANGE for a personal recording as I have been seriously ill after a stroke. Laura’s voice, words, ideas and images were truly lovely.The feelings I had throughout the recording, and after it, were just so calming and healing these images and wonderful feelings stayed with me, after my session.This was tailored to me, not an off the shelf standard recording. I now play this recording daily, to reinvigorate and heal me.To be physically able again, towards my future, where I can imagine myself doing all I used to do before my stroke. Life is wonderful. Thank you, Laura, I am truly grateful.

K. L. Melbourne

Laura is located in Hawthorn, Melbourne