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Exam Confidence

Do your nerves let you down on exam day?

Do you struggle to keep calm when an important exam is looming?

Or perhaps your child is suffering unnecessary stress because of exam nerves?

Ready To Beat Stress And Get Into The Confidence You Need?

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The Exam Confidence Program is 3 sessions, plus an MP3 designed to help students who are:

Worried about exams

Feels anxious in the lead-up to exams

Feels overloaded and thinks they won’t remember anything on exam day

Has a case of the “what if I fail”,

Procrastinates, or is just worried

Knows their work but doesn’t perform well on exam day, because of nerves.

Does this sound familiar?

The program gives them strategies to feel calmer, be positive about exams and perform their best on the day. It gives them a set of mind management tools that help them to focus on success rather than failure. Dump the negative picture and replace with a successful image. It is simple coping strategies to overcome the anxiety, grow in confidence and feel comfortable in exam conditions.

The program doesn’t overload them with more to learn and it’s not another study skills program. It is relaxing and a simple strategy is discussed each week. We then emphasise what we have discussed in a relaxation, when their mind is open to positive suggestion, in the form of a guided meditation.

Just simple techniques to take control of their emotional state and remain focused and confident while being challenged. Available on a one on one basis or grab a friend and do it together.


Over the last 3 years, the Education Performance Program has been taught in UK schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations. This program was designed to help teachers and students prepare for exams by using relaxation and concentration methods.

Now, this program with additional content and modified to suit Australian students is available at Calm Change in Hawthorn, Melbourne, as the Exam Confidence Program. I have trained and have been certified in the Education Performance Program, and I am offering this amazing program, on a one on one basis or small group situation

A survey of Year 12 students from a range of schools in Sydney did not paint a happy picture of life for the students. Of the 722 students surveyed, 42% registered high-level anxiety symptoms, high enough to be of clinical concern. Read more:                    http://newsroom.unsw.edu.au/news/social-affairs/study-confirms-hsc-exams-source-major-stress-adolescents

In September 2013 a research study carried out by Edge Hill University, The University of South Australia and the AQA Exam Board found that teenagers who stress about doing well in their exams are likely to get lower results than peers who remain calmer. The study was based on 325 pupils. Read more: http://www.bbc.com/news/education-23958164

Ready To Feel Calm And Positive About Exams?

Get A Complimentary -And Obligation-Free- Consultation With Laura

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