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It is often said that all hypnosis is actually self- hypnosis. I suppose that’s right, as during Hypnotherapy, you are following a set of instructions, but experiencing it for yourself. Self- Hypnosis can be a valuable tool and an effective form of stress management on a daily basis. Learning Self Hypnosis is self- empowering and can be used anytime.

The easiest way is to have a personalised recording made and listen to it often, until new neural pathways and habits are formed. Generic recordings are great too, if your issue is a general one.

You can also learn to do it yourself and become skilled at controlling your stress levels and managing your thoughts.

Other benefits of Hypnotising oneself:

*Respond quickly to your rising stress levels and nip them in the bud.

*Be in charge of your own wellbeing, you are the boss of you.

*Experience deep relaxation which is highly therapeutic, regularly.

*Stay focused on “what you do want” daily, with positive suggestions to your sub-conscious mind while in a highly relaxed state.

*It’s free, and no appointment is necessary.

The more you practise it, the more skilled you will be at reducing stress quickly anytime you want, which will have a cumulative effect of relaxation.

However it must be used regularly for the full benefit and self- discipline is required to practise daily.

It does work better in conjunction with a Hypnotherapy session so a professional can plan your therapy and teach you how it’s done.

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